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Financial Literacy for Middle School

Financial Literacy for Middle School

April is National Financial Literacy Month.

Financial Literacy is such an important topic.  

We know that the earlier you learn the basics of how money works, the more confident and successful you'll be with your finances later in life. It's never too late to start learning, but it pays to have a head start. The first steps into the world of money start with education. Today, we are featuring two of our most popular Middle School Instructional Décor sets that support financial literacy.


Financial Fundamentals Essentials Pack

This Financial Fundamentals Essentials Pack 

  • What is Financial Literacy? - borrowing, protecting, spending, saving, earning
  • Think Like An Entrepreneur - Great Ways to Save Money
  • Making a Budget - What is a budget? Determine income, determine expenses, subtract expenses from income, record and track, review, budgeting tips
  • Ways to Pay for Goods and Services - cash, check, credit card, debit card, gift/store card, online payment, layaway, mobile devices, and rent to own
  • Money management tips
  • Financial fundamentals academic vocabulary - APR, asset, budget, capital, credit, debt, default, earned interest, expense, fixed expense, gross income, impulse purchase, income, interest, net income, and variable expense

Pack contains:

  • CTP 10117 Financial Fundamentals 4-Poster Set
  • CTP 10118 Financial Fundamentals Whiteboard Topper
  • CTP 10119 Financial Fundamentals Giant Banner

Math Basics Essentials Pack

This Math Basics Essentials Pack 

  • Why Learn Algebra?
  • Math in Sports - football, baseball, soccer, basketball
  • Math on the Job - accountants, cryptographers, meteorologists, air traffic controllers, construction workers, physicians, video game developers, actuaries, data analysts, and insurance underwriters
  • What does a mathematician do?
  • 47 math symbols

Pack contains:

  • CTP 10114 Math Basics 3-Poster Set
  • CTP 10115 Math Basics Whiteboard Topper
  • CTP 10116 Math Basics Giant Banner

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