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Top Classroom Tools for Behavior Management

Top Classroom Tools for Behavior Management

Behavior management and incentives play a crucial role in maintaining a positive learning environment both in the classroom and at home. Especially at the beginning of the year and after school breaks, however, it can sometimes take all your energy as an educator to get students to behave! Luckily, here at Creative Teaching Press, we have a range of products designed to aid educators and parents in managing student behavior so that learning can continue with as little disruption as possible!

So Much Pun! Behavior Clip Chart

The So Much Pun! Behavior Clip Chart is a versatile tool that allows students to communicate their needs and learning status easily. These personal-sized charts are especially beneficial for students who may be quieter in class or hesitant to ask questions. By using a large paper clip or clothespin to mark their progress throughout the lesson or school day, students can visually track their behavior and stay engaged in the learning process. Teachers can then use this tool to monitor and respond to students, thereby improving learning outcomes.

Bold and Bright Punch Cards Incentives

Punch cards are a classic and effective way to motivate students. Our Bold and Bright Punch Cards Incentives with vibrant designs are sure to capture students' attention. These cards can be used to track various positive behaviors, such as making smart choices, completing homework on time, and following directions. They are a simple yet powerful addition to any classroom management routine, helping students stay focused on achieving their goals.

Chalk It Up! Behavior Clip Chart Mini Bulletin Board

The Chalk It Up! Behavior Clip Chart Mini Bulletin Board is a comprehensive classroom management tool that encourages personal accountability for students' behavior choices. This eye-catching set includes pre-printed behavior clip chart pieces, customizable options, and motivational messages. Each color on the chart represents a different level of behavior management, making it easy for both students and teachers to understand and track progress.

Bold and Bright Tickets Student Incentives

These colorful Bold and Bright Tickets Student Incentives provide a fun way to reward and motivate students for their positive actions and attitudes. Teachers can give out these tickets for a wide variety of behaviors, including demonstrating a positive attitude, helping in the classroom, completing assignments on time, and excelling in their work. Students can then collect, trade, or redeem these tickets for rewards or special privileges, making it a versatile incentive system.

3D Pop Star Student Award

Recognizing students' achievements is essential for boosting their confidence and motivation. The 3D Pop Star Student Award is a visually appealing way to celebrate outstanding behavior, a positive attitude, and exceptional effort. Its 3D design and personalization options make it suitable for students of various age groups and grade levels.

Core Decor Classroom Essentials 6-Chart Convenience Pack

The simple and versatile design of the charts in this Core Decor Classroom Essentials Chart 6-Pack will help organize and communicate important information in any classroom. Pack contains a welcome chart, birthday chart, class rules chart, schedule chart, blank chart, and incentive chart. Essential charts for any classroom!

Make an Effort Inspire U 5-Poster Convenience Pack

Motivation through positive messaging is a powerful tool. Our Make an Effort Inspire U 5-Poster Convenience Pack with inspirational messages that can adorn your classroom walls and serve as constant reminders to students to strive for excellence, make an effort, and stay focused on their goals.

Super Star Star Badges

Our Super Star Star Badges are a fun and tangible way to reward students for their achievements. Students can proudly wear these badges to showcase their accomplishments, boosting their self-esteem and encouraging continued positive behavior.


I Can Do It! Incentive Card

The simple, bold design of these Core Decor I Can Do It! Incentive Cards is perfect for a wide variety of ages and grades of students.  Use these tracking cards to encourage and reward children for their "can-do" attitude and accomplishments. These incentive cards can also be used to track progress as kids work toward a goal, exhibit good behavior, or complete tasks. Great to use as a reading log, to track completed homework assignments, and to reinforce daily routines. 


Farm Friends and Palm Paradise Hotspot Stickers

Charming stickers featuring farm animals and tropical leaves can be used to reward students for their efforts and accomplishments. These stickers are perfect for various classroom themes and can be paired with incentive charts to motivate students.

Awards and Rewards Stickers

In addition to hotspot stickers that can help students track their progress and incentivize their behavior, stickers that reward good behavior are a fantastic and simple classroom tool to reinforce positive learning. CTP offers a plethora of options, including our Krafty Pop Colorful Kraft Reward Stickers, Chalk It Up! Colorful Chalk Reward Stickers, and even seasonal stickers like our Doodle Pumpkin Reward Stickers. Hand them out one sticker at a time, or offer up whole sticker sheets to students as an incentive to positive actions.

Awards and Rewards Printable Decor Bundle

For a customizable and versatile approach to behavior management and incentives, download the Awards and Rewards Printable Decor Bundle. This bundle includes a wide array of décor and incentive products, from student incentive charts to positive rewards stickers. It allows educators and parents to tailor their strategies to meet specific needs and goals.

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