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Inspirational Door Decor

Inspirational Door Decor

There are so many possibilities when it comes to door decor! We know most teachers are on summer break right now, but when you return to the classroom the door is the first thing that your new students will see. So let's make it the best door ever!  

We've included quite a few ideas and products shown on doors to give a little inspiration for those teachers who want to (and are allowed to) decorate their doors. The best part is that many of our products can go with any style or theme in your classroom already, or you can match the door to one of our collections.

Busy Bees

Create a bee-utiful buzz in your learning environment with our Busy Bees collection. Featuring friendly bees and golden hives, these vibrant decor items will inspire learners to model the cooperative activity and energetic spirit of these industrious insects. Borders and big bulletin board decor items are fun ways to add a touch of decor to the door!

Stick Kids

Celebrate diversity with the friendly faces featured in our multicultural Stick Kids collection. Each colorful Stick Kids decor set includes kids that represent an array of ethnic backgrounds. Use these smiling Stick Kids to set a welcoming, inclusive tone for your learning environment. This welcome set is perfect for the door decor!

Posters are great to add to doors! They can provide inspiration to any space, which is nice to add to the door so students can be reminded whenever they are coming and going out of the classroom. Add some fun borders and cut-outs too!

Bright Blooms

New classroom decor themes are blooming at CTP! Give your learning environment a fresh, feel anytime with the floral-themed decor in the Bright Blooms collection. The casual design features flowers in fun colors popping on a white background, perfect for brightening any space. Welcome banners are great for the classroom, and can go anywhere like the door! Add some fun cut-outs too for more decor.

Instructional Learning Door Decor

Create an Instructional Learning Display using our Giant Banners.This Financial Fundamentals Giant Banner encourages students to learn and think about money management tips. It helps students make personal, real-world connections with personal finance and supports critical thinking.

Farm Friends

Bring your favorite friendly farm animals into the classroom with our Farm Friends collection. It is designed with essential themed elements that feature farm animals, such as cows, pigs, horses, and chickens. This door decor was features cow print with borders around the edge which is a fun way to design a plain black door with some white paper! 


This Pom-Poms Classroom door decor setup features playful polka dots, bright colors, and a cheery look that will brighten any classroom space and welcome students back to school in a colorful way. This door also features out Cafe Letters that highlight the room number in a bigger and bolder way!

Mystical Magical

Add a magical touch to any space with the new Mystical Magical collection. This look features a mixture of vibrant rainbow colors, mystical glow patterns, shimmering stars, geometric lines, jewel tones and more.  

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