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DIY: How to Make a Bow Out of an Old Border!

DIY: How to Make a Bow Out of an Old Border!

Here at CTP, we love to play around with our products to see what fun things we can create. As you’ve seen in our “How to Create a Chevron Pumpkin” post, we like thinking outside the box! We are going to show you how to create a bow out of the extra border pieces you have lying around!

Materials needed: Tape, Scissors, Old Borders, Downloadable Bow Template (fill out form at the bottom to receive the download link)

Step 1. You’ll need three parts for each bow: the band in the middle, the loops, and the tails. Use our template to trace the three pieces on the back of your border. Then cut cut out the pieces. A quick tip: Fold your paper in half before cutting to ensure pieces are symmetrical.

Step 2. Grab the two outer tabs on the “loops” piece, bend them to the back side of the piece, and tape them where they meet in the center.

Step 3. Layer the loops piece on top of the tails with some tape, then wrap the band around the center and secure it in the back with a little more tape.

Step 4. Tape the bow to the top of a present and gift to a loved one! These bows can also be used year round as easy decorations on cubbies, doors, and whiteboards.

This is an easy project to implement for a holiday activity in your classroom, so save all your old borders and use our free template! (Enter information in form below to receive template!)

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