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Celebrate Diversity Month

Celebrate Diversity Month

Imagine how annoyed we'd be if everyone was just like us! During Celebrate Diversity Month, we can be grateful for the many ways in which the special traits, interests, talents, cultures, traditions, beliefs, and experiences of those round about make living in our heterogeneous (wonderful) world so much fun.

At CTP we know how important it is to celebrate diversity and inclusion in the classroom and we created these products for this purpose. 


You can celebrate diversity year round with our Diversity and Inclusion 4-Poster Pack:


Diversity Rainbow Stickers

And some of the diversity-themed titles in our Learn to Read series:

Families Share

Just Like Me

The World in a Supermarket

My Face

People Say Hello

The Neighborhood Party

Enjoy a FREE DOWNLOAD of our Believe in Your Selfie Stick Sign!

Also, check out our 2021 eCatalog on the website here!

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