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Create a Mystical Magical World

Create a Mystical Magical World

Add a magical touch to any space with the new Mystical Magical collection.  This look features a mixture of vibrant rainbow colors, mystical glow patterns, shimmering stars, geometric lines, jewel tones and more.  All of the anchor pieces from the line include a variety of patterns so that you are still able to add your own touch.  Create a full classroom theme simply by addition borders and cut-outs along side the main bulletin board sets.

This versatile look gives so many options to create your own look or theme.  Keep it simple and colorful with the full rainbow colors in the Rainbow Prism Border paired with simple black and white accents.  Step it up by adding the large rainbow from the Shine Bright Bulletin Board Set or 6" Cut-Outs.  Or maybe you prefer a more whimsical fairytale feel, which is easy to create with our Jewels & Crowns pieces. Where the fun really starts is with the fun characters you can add!

Rainbows and unicorns, scallops and mermaids, mystical stars and wizards! So much fun to be had! Adding these borders, accents, stickers and more to your room can transform your Mystical Magical space into a very specific theme!

Which theme would you make? Stay tuned for more details and even more inspiration from our Mystical Magical classroom! In the meantime, you can check out some more previews on our classroom gallery page!

Where we shopped:

Hobby Lobby - Mermaid Tail Piñata, Fish Net, Hanging Bubbles, Thread Unicorn Art, Gold Horn Unicorn

IKEA - Cubes & Bins, Locker, Hat Boxes

Pacon Paper Used: Chalkboard, Azure, Bright Blue and Corobuff Rock Wall

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