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Tools for Behavior and Classroom Management

Tools for Behavior and Classroom Management

This school year has been tough for everyone. Classroom management and student behavior are such HOT topics for educators. The two terms are related but different so they should be treated separately. Classroom management involves systems that support positive behavior, while behavior management involves strategies that will manage and eliminate difficult or negative behaviors that prevent students from learning.

Some systems that you could use to incorporate classroom management would be structure, accountability, and reinforcement. Structure includes rules, visual schedules, classroom job charts and organization such as seating/desk arrangements.


For accountability, you want to make sure students are held accountable for their behavior. This chart will help students keep track of their behavior throughout the day and develop personal accountability for their choices

Reinforcement depends on your student's work and how you choose to reward them for their good behavior such as using a marble jar, ticketsawards, and stickers, or it could even be a bulletin board displaying their work.

The At-Home Classroom Bulletin Board Core Decor

Emoji Fun Behavior Clip Chart Mini Bulletin Board

Calm & Cool Superstar! Award


When it comes to behavior management, there are similarities when it comes to classroom management. However, for behavior there are also strategies to follow for both positive and negative situations. For the positive strategies, there are obviously the daily narrative affirmations that students respond well to like saying "great job, excellent work" etc. Other positive strategies could include a note home to parents letting them know their child had a great day or did something particularly well. This strategy can also be used as a negative when a child acts up and the parents need to know.

For more negative strategies, there should be consequences when a student has bad behavior. These consequences can also be a note home to parents like previously stated, or it can be verbal so it lets the student know they are acting up but also makes other students aware of what can get them in trouble. They could also get something taken away, like a privilege, or something that lets them know their negative behavior won't be tolerated. Obviously teachers know the best way to handle the negative behavior of their students and what works for them, but with the help of some of our products like the behavior clip charts you can keep track and manage students' behavior throughout the day.


Learning Stoplight Desktop Clip Chart

This learning stop light desktop clip chart helps students easily communicate their needs and learning status with this personal-sized  Students can use a large paper clip or clothes pin (sold separately) to mark their progress throughout the lesson or school day. This is a simple and effective classroom management tool teachers can use to visually monitor and respond to students to improve their learning and behavior. This stoplight will benefit students who are quieter in class or who are afraid to raise their hand and ask questions.


Educators need to encourage children to stay motivated and on task as they learn life skills and strategies for success. The pieces in this set are designed for use in either classroom or at-home learning environments, the 68 pieces in this set can be used to create engaging, interactive displays that inspire students to stay focused on learning goals and give their best effort every day. Great for in-person, Zoom, and remote instructional spaces.

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