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Celebrating World Health Day with Cat and Dog!

Celebrating World Health Day with Cat and Dog!

Happy World Health Day from author Rozanne Lanczak Williams.

I can't think of a better way to celebrate World Health Day with kids than to read and enjoy my newest series, Health and Safety for Kids. One thing that is very important to me when I write books for kids is to make learning concepts accessible and fun so that kids will be inspired to read them over and over again. This new series, chronicling the funny antics of Cat and Dog and their little friend Mouse, help kids learn healthy habits, including how to develop a growth mindset so they are ready for any challenge! They will learn about germs and viruses and more importantly, how to avoid them. They will learn ways to stay safe at home, at school, at the playground, and at the pool or beach.

Let's celebrate World Health Day by learning these practical ways to be healthy, happy, and safe!

What's Your Mindset

Cat, Dog, and all their friends are super excited about an art show in the park. Everyone who participates is invited to a fun party! But as they work on their art, they encounter challenges, feelings of self-doubt, and other stumbling blocks. Read the story and find out how the friends develop new skills and grow more confident, as they complete their artwork.

Be Healthy

Cat and Dog are healthy and active. But when it starts to rain, they don't get to go out and play. Rainy day after rainy day, they end up getting into some bad health habits. When Cat catches a cold, Dog comes up with a plan to get back to healthy ways of living. Read to find out how Cat and Dog find ways to stay healthy and fit in spite of bad weather and bad choices.

Safety First!

Cat, Dog, Mouse, and all their friends find themselves getting careless about following safety rules. At the park, they hear about a fun place called Safety Town, and they all decide to go! They learn and practice safety rules by going on rides, learning songs and rhymes, meeting safety heroes and helpers, and more!

Be a Germ Fighter 

It's book sharing day at school, and Rocky Raccoon shares a book about germs. Rocky only shares a few facts from the book before it's time to go home. That leaves some school friends, especially Cat, feeling anxious. But learning more about germs and how to stay healthy helps everyone feel better. 

When the World Stayed Home 

Cat, Dog, Mouse, and their friends are remembering a difficult time they experienced when the world shut down and they had to learn new ways to stay healthy and safe. They also learned ways to stay in touch, keep on learning, and get the things they needed. The friends also learned to appreciate those who help and care for them. 

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