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Celebrate Read Across America Day!

Celebrate Read Across America Day!

March 2nd is known as Read Across America Day! This day was created in 1998 as a way to encourage children to read. It's celebrated on or near March 2nd which is Dr. Seuss's birthday. A focus of this day is on providing young people with the opportunity to see themselves in the materials they read and to also read about a world or a story character that may be different from what they know.

We have so many great books for kids to celebrate Read Across America Day.

Our friends Cat and Dog have been playground favorites for years in our  Learn to Read series and now they are back with two NEW book series perfect for grades 1-3. 

Heathy and Safety for Kids


Health and Safety for Kids 5-Book Pack

Help young learners develop healthy habits, a positive mindset, and social confidence with the stories in the Health and Safety for Kids 5 book series. With the help of loveable characters Cat and Dog, children will learn ways to take care of themselves, practice mindfulness in uncertain times, and stay positive and confident as they choose healthy and safe paths for their lives. Through Cat and Dog's day-to-day experiences, and with a bit of humor thrown in, children will learn practical ways to be healthy, happy, and safe.

Financial Literacy for Kids 6-Book Pack

It's never too early to start! Help set young learners on the path to becoming financially responsible with the stories in the Financial Literacy for Kids 6 book series. With the help of loveable characters Cat and Dog, children will become familiar with financial literacy core competencies, such as earning, spending, saving, borrowing, and investing. Story topics will help children become more knowledgeable and improve their understanding of financial products, services, and concepts, empowering them to make informed choices.

Learn to Read Book 

Cat and Dog are featured in many of our Learn to Read books, which are perfect for beginner readers! The Learn to Read books feature easy-to-read stories, rhymes, and songs that engage students' attention and support their reading development. Learn to Read books are tied to content subject areas to help reinforce critical standards-based skills.

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