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Celebrate Math Story Telling Day!

Celebrate Math Story Telling Day!

Today is Math Story Telling Day! To celebrate this holiday, people tell mathematical stories to friends, family and the whole internet. September 25 we celebrate pretend-play and traditional wisdom in mathematical stories from all over the world.

Stories are a great way to learn just about anything! And our math-themed Learn to Read story books are no exception. These downloadable eBooks and companion worksheets are a great way to reinforce student understanding of a variety of beginning math concepts:


How Many? eBook & Worksheets

The Crayola Counting Book eBook & Worksheets

Pigs eBook & Worksheets


Little Number Stories Addition eBook & Worksheets


Little Number Stories Subtraction eBook & Worksheets


Let's Measure It eBook & Worksheets


What Time Is It? eBook & Worksheets


The Magic Money Box eBook & Worksheets


I See Patterns eBook & Worksheets

Three of a Kind:

What Comes in Threes? eBook & Worksheets

Skip Counting:

The Skip Count Song eBook & Worksheets

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Also, check out our 2020 eCatalogs on the website here!

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