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Celebrate Math Awareness Month

Mastering early math skills lays the foundation for later success in mathematics, so if you are a parent or teacher of PreK–2 students, you will want to take a look at the great resources from Creative Teaching Press to provide additional skills practice. In this post, you'll also find a form you can fill out to receive a free activity download from our Mister Rogers resource books!

Fantastic Tips – Early Math Made Simple

Created by teachers for parents and teachers, Early Math Made Simple Fantastic Tips includes a wealth of information, strategies, tips, and tricks in a handy fan format!  Appropriate for grades K–2, this must-have resource breaks down early math concepts to make the content easier to teach and understand!  Keep this fan handy in a homework area at home or teacher supply area in a classroom for easy access.

About this math resource:

  • covers essential math concepts and content
  • provides terminology and definitions
  • includes strategies to improve math skills and build number fluency
  • perfect for boosting math confidence
  • content based on school curriculum

Fan includes 24 pages that are laminated for durability.

I Can Do It! Math Workbooks — Gr. PreK–1 and Practice for All Ages

Develop automatic recall of math facts

Enhance knowledge of essential math concepts

Improve problem-solving skills

Every child can do it with CTP’s new workbook series. The activities in the I Can Do It! series provide repeated practice to aid mastery with essential skills and academic concepts. Use these books to introduce, reinforce, or extend learning. Perfect for home, school, or on the go, the I Can Do It! workbooks provide smart skill practice that makes learning fun and leads to academic success!

  • Saddle stitched
  • 7" x 9"
  • 56 pages

I Can Do It! workbooks include:

  • Practice of essential skills
  • Skills list and parent tips
  • Incentive chart to track progress
  • Answer key

Also available as eBooks!

Daily Math Workbooks – Gr. 1-3

Reinforce math concepts and skills with this math workbook!

In each Daily Math workbook, the activities for each day of the week focus on a specific math strand, including number sense and operations, patterning and algebra, measurement, fractions, geometry, and data management. Features ready-to-go, reproducible activities!

  • 98 pages
  • 2nd Grade

Skills covered in this workbook:

  • Number sense and operations
  • Patterning and algebra
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Data management

About these workbooks:

Designed for teachers with parents in mind, this workbook series is perfect for the classroom and for home! It promotes student confidence, learning, and success and offers the ideal supplement to enhance or enrich any curriculum.

These must-have math workbooks:

  • Include manageable activities that reinforce essential skills and concepts
  • Meet standards and cover curriculum efficiently and effectively
  • Provide a consistent, clear approach
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