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Battling the Summer Slide: Keep Learning Momentum Going with These Tools

Battling the Summer Slide: Keep Learning Momentum Going with These Tools

Ah, summer: the season of sunshine, relaxation, and freedom from the daily routines of school. While the break is well-deserved, it's important to be aware of a phenomenon known as the "summer slide." The term refers to the loss of academic skills and knowledge that occurs when students are out of school during the summer months. But even without the structure of a classroom, CTP has the resources to keep your students' learning momentum going all summer long.

Understanding the Summer Slide

The summer slide is a well-documented phenomenon that affects students of all ages. When school is out, many students tend to put their textbooks and learning materials aside and engage in activities that are less academically focused. While this is a natural response to the break, it can lead to a decline in reading, writing, and math skills, resulting in a loss of academic progress made during the school year.

Tools to Tackle the Summer Slide

There are several effective strategies to combat the summer slide and ensure your students continue to grow and learn over the summer. Here are some practical tips, along with accompanying resources to keep your learning momentum going:

  1. Create a Summer Reading List: Reading is one of the most powerful ways to prevent learning loss. Here at CTP, we've got a huge library of books in a variety of reading levels. Our Dr. Maggie's Phonics Readers and Itty Bitty Readers are great for young learners practicing their reading skills, while our Learn to Read and Learn to Write books offer quick reading breaks for the learner who's a little older. 

  2. Start a Summer Program: While many schools and community organizations offer summer programs and camps focused on academic enrichment, you don't have to leave the house to create a structured learning environment. CTP's Grammar Minutes, Math Minutes, and I Can Do It! workbooks offer pages of fun practice your students can do quickly to brush up on the skills they learned during the school year. 

  3. Incorporate Learning into Daily Activities: Learning doesn't have to be confined to textbooks and classrooms. Our STEAM Design Challenge workbooks are jam-packed with fun experiments and activities your learners can work on everyday! 

  4. Set Goals and Track Progress: Establish learning goals for the summer and track your progress. Our Charts with a Purpose and Bright Colors Incentive Charts Packs are great tools to track your students' progress through the summer while adding a pop of fun color to your designated learning space. 

Download This Freebie to Fight the Summer Slide

The summer slide may be a common occurrence, but it doesn't have to derail your learning journey. In addition to the tips and tools above, download this So Much Pun! Mini Poster to motivate your learners over the summer break!

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