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5 Ways to Layer Borders!

5 Ways to Layer Borders!

I think we can all agree that borders are a fun and easy way to brighten up any bulletin board! But we want to take it one step further, and talk about how layering borders opens up a whole new world of possibilities. When you take a border and layer it with another border, or two, or three, etc., you can create a unique look that is your own. Layering borders is the perfect way to curate your space and add a personalized touch that is different than anyone else's. Also, borders are definitely most popular for bulletin boards but they can really be used anywhere! We like to use them on anything and everything, like doors, bins, desks, pencil holders, book shelves, plant holders, cabinets, etc. The possibilities are endless!

In this blog we will show you 5 ways we layer borders, and hopefully it provides inspiration to create the bulletin board of your dreams!

1. Palm Paradise

For this Palm Paradise look, we layered 3 borders around the bulletin board. With the black and white foundation from the loop-de-loop border and messy dots on black border, we added the monstera leaves border for some greenery! When layering borders, we highly recommend having at least one Core Decor black and white border because they go with every style and theme and make it easy to add on any other border with it!

2. Core Decor 

A Core Decor border provides the perfect foundation for layering, mainly because black and white goes with everything! The patterns also add texture and allow for a uniquely curated space. You can see at the top of the picture we layered the bulletin board with our messy dots on black border on top, our rainbow bold stripes border in the middle, and then our loop-de-loop border on the bottom. So another way to layer the borders is to have black and white on the outside and a pop of color in the middle. We also styled our black messy dots border with our poppy red stylish scallops border to add even more color. 

3. Farm Friends

So many great border options in our Farm Friends collection! For the bulletin board we layered the cow print border with our Bold & Bright swiss dots border for a black and white look. Don't be afraid to mix patterns! And then for the door and doorway (remember, don't limit layering borders to just bulletin boards!) we used our Farm Friends on the farm border in the middle with our poppy red bold stripes border and black stylish scallops border surrounding. 

4. Mystical Magical

When you first look at this Mystical Magical set up, you might just think we only layered two borders on the bulletin board and that's it. If you look again, you can see that the mermaid tail is actually our Iridescent scallops border LAYERED to create that super cool mermaid tail look! Don't be afraid to get creative!! Borders seriously have no limits! We also used the iridescent scallops border on the bulletin board with our mermaid tails border as well. 

5. Woodland Friends

What we did in this Woodland Friends set up is use the same border twice, but in different ways. If you notice on the bulletin board we used our black stylish scallops border but we turned it around to use the straight edge of the border for a clean look. And then we added the loop-de-loop border on top for some texture. So if you look at the bulletin board on the right, we used the black stylish scallops border again with the scallop side showing. But if you ever want a solid color border with a straight look, you can always use the scallops borders and turn them around! We also layered it with our classic woodland friends border for more fun and color. 

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