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5 Ways to FALL in Love with your Space!

5 Ways to FALL in Love with your Space!

It's officially that time of year, Fall! Since we have welcomed the first day of Fall recently, we wanted to share some tips and tricks on how to add a little fall touch to any space! There are so many ways that you can add a little fall coziness to your space, while also maintaining the foundational décor you already have. For example, with a Core Decor foundation of black and white décor, it is easier to build on top of that and change styles and themes like seasonal changes. No matter what your space looks like, we wanted to provide some tips to make it special for the Fall season! Check out these amazing classroom images from Katie Ring, and you can follow her on Instagram at @thehomeschoolstyle!

1. Add a pumpkin border to your bulletin board!

  • Our pumpkin border you see in this photo is perfect for adding a fall touch to any space! Of course, you don't have to limit to just a pumpkin border. You can add pumpkins in any way, shape or form to your space for an instant Fall makeover. Real or fake, they are so versatile and can be easily added anywhere.

2. Add a cozy touch with furry furniture!

  • This could be as simple as a cute furry throw pillow on the back of your office chair, or a giant pink bean bag chair like you see in the photo! Also, you can achieve the same effect with any fall type pillow or cozy furniture piece. It could have some cute fall designs like pumpkins or a cute saying, but pillows and furniture are always a great way to add a fall coziness feel to any space.

3. It's all about the lighting!

  • Lighting makes such a huge difference in the feel of your space. We love adding some string lights for a cozy feel. You might think that string lights are only useful for Christmas time, but we are here to demolish that rumor. Adding a bit of string lights to any space instantly brings that cozy factor into play. You can also have hanging lantern lights like you see in the photo, giving you that same coziness that can be achieved in any season and with any style or theme.

4. Choose stylish storage!

  • I'm sure most teachers have some sort of storage in their space whether its bins, drawers, shelves, etc. One of our favorite ways to add a little fall cozy touch to our space is with woven baskets and/or wooden crates. You can even get some paint and have white-washed wooden crates as well! These are both great options to add that rustic fall feel to any space.

5. Layer, layer, layer!

  • This is probably the easiest way to add a fall touch to any space, and can be done so easily! It can be in the form of layering rugs, throws, pillows, anything! The more the better when you want to achieve that cozy feeling in your space.

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