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Top Classroom Reading Corners and Book Nooks

Top Classroom Reading Corners and Book Nooks

Reading is a vital skill to be focused on in any classroom, but the key to getting your students to master that skill is to make the task of reading enjoyable. And when it comes to making reading fun, a good book is only half the battle. That's where reading corners and book nooks come in! Kids love cozy, themed spaces just for them (hello, blanket fort!), and the creation of a designated space can help eliminate distractions that keep your students from fully immersing themselves in a story. Best of all, with CTP's Curated Classroom Mega Packs, creating a classroom corner for reading has never been easier. Check out our ideas below for inspiration on how you can decorate your classroom book nook, too!

BEE A Good Reader Reading Corner

Bee a Good Reader

We took the Busy Bees Curated Classroom Mega Pack and created a motivating corner complete with a "Book of the Week" bulletin board display, bookmark jar, and book storage. 

Items used in this book corner:

Busy Bees Curated Classroom Mega Pack - borders, nameplates, bee cut-outs, and flower cut-outs

Busy Bees Bee a Reader Book Buddy Bag

Core Decor Bubble Letters Designer Letters

Read Incentive Card

Stick Kids Reading Corner

Celebrate diversity with the friendly faces featured in our multicultural Stick Kids collection. Each colorful Stick Kids decor set includes fun kids that represent an array of ethnic backgrounds. We show our all are welcome bulletin board set, our stick kids class jobs mini bulletin board, our stick kids classroom essentials charts, our stand together poster pack, our stick kids welcome banner, our stick kids EZ border, and our stick kids cut outs. Use these smiling Stick Kids to set a welcoming, inclusive tone for your learning environment.

Calm & Cool Reading Corner

Chill out with a great book in this Calm & Cool reading corner! 

calm and cool classroom decor reading corner

Who wouldn't want a calming environment for their reading corner!? One easy hack for helping to achieve a calmer classroom atmosphere is the incorporation of cool colors - bright, less saturated blues, greens, and purples - which research suggests have a calming effect on the body and mind, resulting in improved concentration and less stress. This same color palette is also used in hygge (hoo-guh), the popular design/lifestyle trend from Denmark that is gaining popularity in classrooms and at home. Hygge's emphasis on comfort and uncluttered coziness promotes a sense of contentment and togetherness. This set up features our soaring high bulletin board, our color block letters, our calm and cool hot air balloons cut outs, our letter and light boards cut outs, our colorful mini chevrons EZ border and our blue stylish scallops EZ border.

Woodland Friends Reading Corner

Camp out with a good book and our Woodland Friends!

woodland friends classroom reading corner

Bring the great outdoors to indoor spaces with our Woodland Friends .This collection is one of our best sellers, and it features your favorite furry critters, foxes, bears, hedgehogs, and more - along with other outdoor elements, such as evergreen trees and vintage trailers, it's no wonder that this woodland theme is so popular. This reading corner features our read bulletin board, our jumbo woodland friends bulletin board, our woodland friends calendar set, our woodland friends EZ border, and our black stylish scallops EZ border.

Farm Friends Reading Corner

Quack open a good book with our Farm Friends!

farm friends classroom reading corner

Bring your favorite friendly farm animals  to any learning environment with our Farm Friends. It is designed with essential themed elements that feature farm animals, such as cows, pigs, horses, and chickens. It also includes components of life on the farm, such as barns, tractors, haystacks, windmills and more. These capsule pieces can be used alone or layered with essential products from Core Decor to provide a rural and rustic charm that is simple but classic. Pair with other basic Core Decor items, such as picket fences, flowers, and suns to curate your own personal classroom look. We feature our farm friends inspire u posters, the farm mini bulletin board, our farm friends welcome banner, our grass EZ border, our picket fence EZ border, our suns EZ border, and our royal blue bold stripes EZ border.

Mystical Magical Reading Corner

Reading in this corner will take you on Mystical Magical adventures!

mystical magical classroom reading corner

The Mystical Magical collection showcases the popular designs of unicorns, mermaids, wizards, and more in contemporary rainbow iridescent colors accented with stars, scallops and shimmering details that are reminiscent of popular fashion and beauty trends, such as "stand out and be one of a kind" and the "mermaid look." Bright and bold colors in the blue, purple, teal, and turquoise families are used as inspiration throughout this collection to suggest a magical world of learning where you can follow your dreams and believe in the impossible. This set up includes mystical magical calendar set, our black swirl letters, our crowns and jewels cut outs, our wizardly fun cut outs, our mystical magical inspire u posters, and our mystical magical class jobs mini bulletin board.

Emoji Fun Reading Corner

Show how reading makes you feel with Emojis!

emoji fun classroom reading corner

Emoji Fun is a universally appealing collection for both teachers and students alike all around the world. The collection showcases everyone's favorite social media symbols, fun and silly emoji faces. No words need to be exchanged when you're able to express your feelings through toothy grins, heart shaped eyes and blushing happy faces. 

Spanish Classroom Reading Corner

Create a bright and cheerful book nook in with Learn to Read books in Spanish and  Spanish learning decor and calendars and more!

Looking for a fun treat for the class? Have a fun virtual book reading party!

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