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5 Tips to Organize Your Classroom!

5 Tips to Organize Your Classroom!

We know how stressful Back-to-School is. Between new classrooms, new students, and all the beginning of the year paperwork, we can all use some new ways to organize the classroom! This is why we gathered some of our favorite organization tips for you to start this new year off right. Be sure to read on for more and check out our Freebie Friday offer below!

Tip #1

Place sets of readers, activities, or crafts into our Book Buddy Bags and hang them for easy storage. This will help keep your classroom clean and teach your students about organization.

Tip #2

Organize your pens, pencils, markers, etc. by using old cans! First, you will need some cans (We prefer Progresso Brand, but that's up to you...). Second, Take some old or extra border and wrap them around the can. Third, fill them with markers or pencils to keep them nice and organized in your crafts corner, or wherever you use them!

Tip #3

Grab an old border, some colored paper, cut-out letters, and some storage bins. Wrap the border around the center of the bin and cut-out some squares of paper big enough for however you want to label the bins. Add the labels and... voila! You're now more organized than you were 10 minutes ago. We also have these FREE download posters to organize your bins for extra copies, absent work, etc.

Tip #4

Find some extra name plates and use them to help organize your cabinets, bins, and/or bulletin board daily. These stick kids ones are perfect to add to any classroom style or theme!

Tip #5

Name tags are great for labeling. They can be placed on all different kinds of bins to identify different subjects, to let your students know where to turn in their assignments and much more. This tip can really be used anywhere you need a label in your classroom.

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