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5 Must Haves For Your Teacher Bag!

5 Must Haves For Your Teacher Bag!

To continue with last week's post about organization, we wanted to share 5 must haves for your teacher bag! When you keep your teacher bag organized you can be ready to go from home to school OR from office to living room. These days it can be hard to stay focused and organized, but you will thank yourself later if you have your teacher bag ready to go!

Here are 5 must haves we think should be in every teacher bag that will set you up for success!

1. Lesson Planner


We are sure most teachers already have a lesson planner in their bags, but if you don't already have one, we have a collection of lesson planners with super cute designs to get you in the mood to organize and plan! Our new year-long format lesson plan books feature a month-at-a-view planning calendar before every 4 weeks of lesson planning pages. Lesson planning pages include a 2-page spread for each of 48 weeks of teaching. Also includes other helpful forms, templates, and checklists. 

2. Record Book

Record books and lesson plan books pretty much go hand in hand, so make sure to complete your teacher bag with a record book! Our record books are 64 pages and feature perforated record-keeping pages, a behavior and observation log, parent contact notes, and a percentage chart for grading.

3. Stickers

Stickers are a fun way to reward kids, but they can also be useful when it comes to organization. Stickers are a fun way to organize your lesson plan and record books in so many ways. 

4. Labels

Labels are a great, versatile tool to keep in your teacher bag! These adhesive labels are great to use at school, home, and the office! Use them as name tags for first day of school, field trips, open house, back-to-school night, parent visitations, class parties, and more! These sticker labels are also perfect for organizing around the classroom or an office. Use them for labeling supply bins, storage containers, book libraries, binders, folders, drawers, and more!

5. Fantastic Tips

Finally, we think our Fantastic Tips would be a great addition to any teacher bag! These Fantastic Tips were created by teachers for parents and teachers, this helpful Managing Your Feelings Fantastic Fan incudes a wealth of information, strategies, tips, and tricks in a handy "fan" format! This must-have resource breaks down managing feelings concepts to make the content easier to teach and understand! Keep this fan handy in a homework area at home or teacher supply area in a classroom for easy access. There are also 5 other topics of Fantastic Tips which include mastering multiplication, word choice, conquering phonics, early math made simple, and substitute teaching. 

Enjoy a FREE DOWNLOAD of our Loop-de-Loop labels to put in your teacher bag and use whenever you need them!

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