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How to Decorate Your Door for Halloween!

How to Decorate Your Door for Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner! We love adding some seasonal flair to keep our learning spaces festive and our favorite place to start is the door!  The possibilities are endless when it comes to door decor, and can easily be changed throughout the year for seasons, holidays, special events, etc. 

We love Halloween and all the decor that comes with it, so it only makes sense for us to show you how to add a little Halloween decor to the door.

Here are some ways to decorate your door: Halloween Edition!

  • Make it 3D!

If you can add orange accents, like our Pom-Poms cut-outs, then why not make them stand out more with a 3D effect! A little 3D effect on decor adds an extra pop, and it's very easy to achieve. We usually use foam poster board cut up and taped to the back of the cut-outs to make them look 3D. However you want to achieve this effect would look good!

  • Use triple borders!

You may think just one border is enough, or even two, but what's even better is three! We love the three border look in any space, any door, any bulletin board, anywhere where borders can be added. There is no such thing as too much decor! 

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