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3 Ways to Make Your Summer School Classroom a Palm Paradise!

3 Ways to Make Your Summer School Classroom a Palm Paradise!

Summer is here! And while a lot of teachers are starting their summer break, some are starting their summer school sessions. Our Palm Paradise collection is great for any space all year round, but it definitely adds a summer vibe to the classroom. This collection also has so many options and themes within that you can create an entirely different look with just a few pieces.

Check out 3 different ways to styled these Palm Paradise classrooms and hopefully they can provide inspiration for your own space!

1. Monstera Leaves

One thing in common with all of these rooms is that we started with a black and white Core Decor foundation. This makes it easier to curate looks by layering on top of this foundation since it goes with everything. Our first example is adding greenery with our monstera leaves from the Palm Paradise collection. This room specifically would be great all year round. And you can see how we go even further and build off this foundation below.

2. Flamingos

As you can see, we kept a lot of our monstera leaves but then added in some color with the flamingos from our Palm Paradise collection. We also added some pink blooms and pink borders to match the flamingos. This is such a fun room that would be perfect for a summer school classroom space. 

3. Pineapples

Again, we built off the original black and white core decor with monstera leaves foundation to add in our pineapple decor. This room is so bright and colorful for a summer school classroom space. You could even combine all 3 of our Palm Paradise rooms to really have a tropical oasis perfect for summertime. 

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