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4 Ways to Decorate Your Learning Space to Support Remote Learning!

4 Ways to Decorate Your Learning Space to Support Remote Learning!

It's no secret that our teachers have had to adapt to a different style of teaching this year, and for most that includes remote learning. However, this doesn't mean you can't still be decorating your space. Classroom decor can easily be interchangeable between the classroom and home. We are here to highlight 4 ways to decorate your learning space to support remote learning!

1. Add a giant banner to the door

If you are teaching from home, it would be great to have references to refer to in your online session. A door is a perfect place to display a giant banner.

2. Use whiteboard toppers for reference 

These whiteboard toppers are an easy reference too for lessons. If you are home, they can be used over a bulletin board as shown in the picture above. Whether you are at school or at home teaching remotely, these can make a great reference for your students.

3. Make use of Instructional Posters and bulletin boards to reinforce key concepts

Instructional posters and bulletin boards displays are a great way to reinforce key concepts. These visual aids can also be used in any space, home or classroom.

4. Display a calendar for reference

Calendars are great because they are used all year round and they can easily be changed out with fun calendar days and accessories! Especially if you start with a black and white Core Decor foundation it makes it easy to customize with any style or theme.

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