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3 Tips for Remote Learning

3 Tips for Remote Learning

This Back-to-School season looks very different this year, and teachers are having to change their ways of teaching and learn new skills to reach their students via virtual learning. We think all teachers are doing an amazing job adjusting to this school year and appreciate each and every one of you!

We wanted to help all the teachers out there with a some quick tips and tricks for remote learning! Hopefully these tips can help, and all you teachers are doing an awesome job!

1. Record a video using one of our classroom backgrounds or create a teacher corner background.

2. Make sure any links you send out work properly! Test them beforehand, and make sure your any website you use is organized and easy to navigate. If you use any plugins, make sure they can be accessible by parents. If you are using multiple apps, make sure parents have a login page for their child before the first day of school. That way they can have time to explore and reach out for any help.

3. HAVE FUN! Don't let the unknown of starting the year remote keep you from having fun with your students. This is an important time for you to make relationships with your students.

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