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2020 Classroom Trend Report – Monstera Leaves & More

2020 Classroom Trend Report – Monstera Leaves & More

We are back with Part 2 of our 2020 Classroom Trend Report!  If you missed Part 1 that gives you an insight on the Core Decor Collection, you will want to give it a read here first.

As you remember, Core Decor was designed specifically to work with just about any collection.  And what trend has been hotter in home decor than the Monstera Leaf!?!  You see it just about everywhere, clean black and white patterns matched with tons of natural green hues thanks to the Monstera and its leafy friends.  Plants are the new black?  Just kidding on that one, but black, white, and green have definitely become a staple in not only home decor but also in many party themes.

Think about that simple look and now imagine paring it with flamingos, pineapples, flowers, safari and more.  You can have so much fun with this basic look of pairing Core Decor with the Palm Paradise classroom pieces.

Like we discussed last time, the key to building your dream space is layering.  Stick with the monstera leaf look for a clean, modern classroom that can fit older grades, or add to this style to match your personality.  Add a touch of flamingos, or maybe pineapples are your thing…. or why not both?!? It can truly be a festive environment if you want.  Or you can simply add a touch of pink flowers here and there.  Again, you have the chance to curate your look however you desire.

Take a look here as we continue our room transformation from the original Core Decor look and go all the way through the Palm Paradise looks! Check back next week as we finish off our room transformation with not one, but two different themes!

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