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Welcome back to part 3 of the 2020 Classroom Trend Report. In case you missed our first two parts of the series, be sure to pop back over there and read part 1 and part 2 first! Now on to our favorite furry, and feathered, friends!

As you've seen by now, Core Decor was of course designed to go with any pattern or color, even the natural patterns of Monstera leaves and natural wood textures... and by now you've seen us have a little bit of fun using it with characters like the Pink Flamingos. But can it go with a FULL ON classroom theme, full of friendly little faces, scenes, and more? Of course it can!

Core Decor was created with not only our best-selling Woodland Friends Collection, but it was also made with the brand new Farm Friends in mind! Designed with the same popular aesthetic as our little woodland buddies, Farm Friends is sure to be a hit with your kiddos. What student doesn't end up on some kind of farm fun field trip whether it be with a class, Mommy & Me group, 4-H or more. The pieces from Farm Fun are a great way to not only teach students about the animals on a farm, but also to highlight your trips to see them in person!

Check out our transition from Pineapples to Farm Friends! We know, weird combination, but don't worry no pineapples or farm animals were harmed in the making of this video. But you know we couldn't stop there, we just HAD to get in a round with our Woodland Friends to round out this video.

While that is all for our 2020 Classroom Trend Report, we will leave you with this thought. Core Decor can go with just about ANY theme, color combination, etc. You can dress up a preschool or daycare, or even bring it in to high school bulletin boards. Since you can curate your entire look, the sky is the limit!

Thank you guys for joining us! Stay tuned closer to Back-to-School where we will go into a more in depth look at these classroom themes!

Woodland friends classroom decor


June 08, 2020 at 09:45

I love these two themes. 2 teachers in our primary grade have woodland and one has the farm. I was hoping you would create the mystical and magical theme like how you do these two incredible themes. I teach second grade and our school has to all do a different theme then the other classroom. Please consider building on the mystical and magical theme. It definitely needs the jumbo mystical magical friends: unicorns, mermaid: girl and boy, & wizard like how the woodland and farm animal friends bulletin board cut outs, the adorable charcuterie education posters, it needs the peek overs like how the woodland friends have it, behavior management, and around the door decor. Teachers like to buy stuff when the theme has everything to go with it. Do your classroom flows and not all mix matched. If your not extending this mystical magical theme then do you have a new theme in mind? Maybe a fairy garden room and gnomes for the boys. I want to Redo my classroom this year. I had super hero but that theme had three different looks and kids complained that nothing went together. I love your products and desperately want a new theme that has everything like the woodland theme. That and the farm are so bright and well thought out. Goal setting board would be great since that’s the new push in schools for these themes. Thank you for your time this is all I think about planning fir the school year. Plus I’m looping with my students and want them to love our new classroom

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