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2020 Classroom Trend Report – Black & White with Pops of Color

2020 Classroom Trend Report – Black & White with Pops of Color

Introducing Core Décor!  A collection of essential classroom products in a classic look that meets your everyday needs.  These core pieces are grounded in black and white designs, mixed with pops of colors in classic and fashion basic prints such as bold stripes, polka dots and the more fashionable messy dot.  Use these core pieces as a foundation to your classroom theme, and layer in accent pieces to curate the look of your space. Whether your look is simple or sophisticated, use Core Décor to make the space your own!

Everyone remembers fashion lists of ‘Top 10 Closet Staples’ – Little Black Dress, Black Blazer, White Blouse, etc.  The items that you could mix and match with just about anything.  Add a pop of color with a scarf or shoes, or have some fun with a patterned top.  You can even change your look up seasonally!  They key is LAYERING!  You can have this same fun and creativity, if not more, with the Core Décor products.  Stick with us on our 2020 Classroom Trend series, and you will see how we changed up a single classroom setup from a classic basic all the way into fun themes.

The amazing part of Core Décor is the staple pieces that so many classrooms revolve around.  The Calendar Bulletin Board Set, Number or Alphabet Lines, Birthday Displays and more all feature the simple basic patterns allowing you to mix and match with any color combination or classroom theme.  Keep your room black and white, or add pops of your favorite colors, or maybe go with a full rainbow of them!  Looking for more of a theme, that works too, or you can change your theme seasonally without having to re-do your entire room.  Use your imagination to curate your dream classroom setting.

Take a peek at the first round of our Core Décor classroom setup. You will see how we went from a simple and classic black and white room, featuring the same key Core Décor pieces and transform it into more than 10 different rooms over this blog series.

Stay tuned for the next part of our 2020 Trend Report as we dive into a new theme!

The Pieces Used in Every Room of the Change:

Core Décor Calendar Set

Birthday Mini Bulletin Board

Motivational Phrases Mini Bulletin Board

Cursive Alphabet Line

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