• Teaching Beginning Writing
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Teaching Beginning Writing

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Basic Writing Skills for Young Authors

This resource provides help with the basics of beginning writing--helping students learn to organize what they want to say, discover vocabulary to say it, and use structure to write it. Each skill is introduced at the oral level so students can readily formulate their ideas before trying to write them on paper. Activities address five stages of writing (pre-emergent, emergent, early, developing, and established) to help beginning writers progress through a continuum of skills. Great for ESL/ELL! Written by Jo Fitzpatrick, author of Phonemic Awareness and Reading Strategies That Work!

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Tap into students' natural love of language and help them express their thoughts on paper by teaching them the "how-to" of writing. Teaching Beginning Writing is a complete, comprehensive resource that will help your students successfully progress through five stages of beginning writing: Pre-Emergent, Emergent, Early, Developing, and Established.

Your students will learn how to:

  • structure their ideas and expand their thinking into related sentences and stories
  • identify and describe story components such as character, setting, plot, and sequence
  • write sentences and stories that describe "who," "what," "where," "when," and "why."
  • expand and combine sentences to write more complete, detailed stories
  • use graphic organizers and picture prompts to structure their ideas before putting them into story form
  • self- edit their work, correcting for punctuation, structure, and content

Infuse the lessons and ideas from Teaching Beginning Writing into your current classroom curriculum to help your students become enthusiastic, thoughtful, and self-improving writers.

Look for Jo Fitzpatrick's Phonemic Awareness and Reading Strategies That Work, also available from Creative Teaching Press.

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