• Narrative Writing Organizer Fold-Out, Grades 2-3
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Narrative Writing Organizer Fold-Out, Grades 2-3

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KAPOW! Kids As Productive, Organized Writers

Make teaching to the new Writing Common Core Standards a breeze!
Eight pages of content fold into a handy 8 ½" x 11"-sized booklet. 30 sets per package! That's just $.43 per student!


Writing Organizer Fold-Outs in use This convenient, all-in-one resource is the perfect alternative to messy writing folders and lost papers. This writing tool to guides students through the writing process, step by step, from prewriting to publication. Use the writing organizers to supplement any writing program.


Each includes:

  • Genre guide checklist
  • Vocabulary and punctuation references
  • Interesting leads and strong closings samples
  • Prewriting planning pages
  • Rough draft page
  • Writing process checklist

BONUS! Teacher Guide
A companion 8-page teacher guide is a great resource for both novice and experienced teachers. This guide leads you through the entire writing process using the writing organizer and includes:

  • What to do Before Using the Organizer–ways to promote the reading-writing connection in your classroom, a list of related literature and mentor texts, and ideas for investigating the writing genre in your classroom.
  • What to do when Using the Organizer–step-by-step directions for introducing and implementing the organizers.
  • What to do After Using the Organizer–revising and editing tips, how to implement peer conferencing, ideas for publishing final work, and activities to celebrate young authors.
  • A list of the Common Core Standards addressed.

The Grade 2-3 Narrative Writing Organizer Fold-Out includes pages for Helpful Words, Helpful Hints, Narrative Guides, Narrative Organizer, Narrative Rough Draft writing page, and a Writing Process Checklist.

But wait! There's more! This package of Fold-Outs includes a QR code you can scan with your smart phone that will lead you to a FREE downloadable PDF! Use the PDF on an interactive whiteboard or with your document camera to display the individual pages and model how to complete each page of the Fold-Out.

Download your FREE Writing Genre & Fold-Out and Narrative Poems!

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