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  • Music and Movement in the Classroom, Gr. 1-2
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Music and Movement in the Classroom, Gr. 1-2

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  • ISBN: 978-1-57471-746-4
  • Grade: 1 - 2
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Children Sing and Dance Their Way to Better Basic Skills

Channel children's natural enthusiasm for music and movement into a rich, positive learning experience with this toe-tapping program, featuring music by Greg & Steve. The concise, easy-to-follow lesson plans make teaching music enjoyable for the musical novice and expert alike. Written by Steven Traugh, each book includes two CDs featuring a total of over 30 fun songs. 64 pages each.

Music & Movement in the Classroom is a complete program of materials and teaching techniques designed to channel children's natural enthusiasm for music and movement into productive learning experiences. The program features:

  • Step-by-step lesson plans to make the program enjoyable to teach for both the musical novice and expert
  • Activities that are easy to schedule into weekly lesson plans
  • Lessons that reinforce basic curriculum goals and standards
  • Multimodal learning opportunities (visual, kinesthetic, auditory)
  • Ideas to foster children's creativity and self-expression

Thirty fun activities and motivating music by Greg & Steve create the magic for this exciting music and movement program!

Track Listing
CD 1

  1. The Freeze
  2. Say Hello
  3. Count and Move
  4. Piggy Bank
  5. Aerobics A-Z
  6. B-A Bay #1
  7. B-A Bay #2
  8. Nocturne
  9. Months of the Year #1
  10. Months of the Year #2
  11. Just Like Me
  12. Let's Go to the Market
  13. Disco Limbo
  14. Purple Cow
  15. Hand Jive
  16. A Man Named King

CD 2

  1. The World Is a Rainbow
  2. Slowo Mojo
  3. Fast Forward
  4. An Adventure in Space
  5. We All Live Together
  6. The Three Little Pigs Blues
  7. Show Me What You Feel
  8. Everybody Has Music Inside
  9. Old Brass Wagon
  10. Eensy Weensy Caterpillar #1
  11. Eensy Weensy Caterpillar #2
  12. Down By the Bay #1
  13. Down By the Bay #2
  14. Dancin' Machine
  15. We've Got the Whole World in Our Hands
  16. Ballin' the Jack
  17. Friends
Author Steven Traugh
Fiction/Nonfiction Nonfiction
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Pages 64