• Multiplication and Division Mini Bulletin Board, Gr. 2-3
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Multiplication and Division Mini Bulletin Board, Gr. 2-3

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Use this 18-piece mini bulletin board to help students grasp the concepts of multiplication and division, learn different ways to represent multiplication and division, and comprehend the five basic properties of multiplication. Use these pieces to introduce a multiplication or division concept or display them on a bulletin board or in a learning center as a reference.

The pieces in this set are interactive teaching tools. They are great for use in small groups where students can have hands on manipulation of the pieces. They are also perfect for use under a document camera to teach/demonstrate concepts to the entire class. They also work well in a pocket chart or center to reinforce concepts already taught to the whole class.

  • Pieces range in size from 7" x 6" to 10 ½" x 6"

Content Addressed

  • Definitions of multiplication, division, and the parts of an equation
  • Different ways to represent multiplication and division (repeated addition and subtraction, array, grouping model, number line, bar model, number bonds and fact families, area model, skip counting)
  • Definitions and visual models of five basic properties of multiplication (Zero, Identity, Commutative, Associative, Distributive)

About Content-Based Mini Bulletin Boards

  • Use this math mini bulletin board to complement or enhance your math curriculum. Introduce math concepts and vocabulary, develop skills in learning centers, instruct small groups, teach ELL, and more! Includes 18 pieces.
  • Set contains detailed illustrations and informative text.
  • Also contains an activity guide with mini bulletin board display ideas and activities.
  • This resource rovides the pictorial support needed to help nonreaders, struggling readers, and English Language Learners understand and comprehend each language arts concept.
  • Optimize learning by having students experience math concepts in a variety of ways. The interactive, manipulative design of each set provides numerous ways to present information!
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