• Integrating Science with Reading Instruction, Gr. 3-4
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Integrating Science with Reading Instruction, Gr. 3-4

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Hands-On Science Units Combined with Reading Strategy Instruction

Do you find it difficult to squeeze a science lesson into your teaching day? Does your students’ level of comprehension decline when they read nonfiction text? This set of resources will extend the time you have in your teaching day by integrating science with reading instruction. Each grade-level book includes 12 units with a nonfiction science story; prereading, during reading, and postreading strategies; and a fun, hands-on science experiment. Each all-inclusive resource will help students continue learning to read while reading to learn. Great for ESL/ELL!

Students often struggle to comprehend nonfiction reading material in the content areas. It can also be difficult to fit in science curriculum given all you have to teach every day. Integrating Science with Reading Instruction 3-4is a dual solution! This resource includes twelve units that cover all three areas of science-life, earth, and physical. The units are based on the most common science topics taught in grades 3-4 in accordance with National Science Education Standards.

Each unit provides a nonfiction science story; prereading and postreading strategies; critical thinking, logic, and test-taking pages; as well as a hands-on science experiment. Using the activities in this resource, students will continue learning to read while reading to learn. They will also become more successful readers while gaining new science knowledge and experiences, and you will maximize your teaching time by integrating the science curriculum with reading instruction.

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