• Fairy Tales Reader's Theater
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Fairy Tales Reader's Theater

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Develop Reading Fluency and Text Comprehension Skills

This series of Reader's Theater books provides high-interest scripts featuring everything from amusing fables and fairy tales to inspiring inventors and historical heroes. Each script comes with explicit fluency instruction, a list of key vocabulary, and engaging comprehension activities. Each book describes in simple terms how to direct instruction and coach students as they practice their lines. Each unit can stand alone as fluency instruction or tie in to a related content-area unit.

Reading First, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Text Comprehension.

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Literature Circles: A Complete Guide for the Middle Grades is an innovative resource book for teachers that covers many of the reading standards. It presents a step-by-step approach to implementing reading discussion groups in the classroom that are modeled after adult book clubs. Literature circles can fit any schedule. It can be done in an eight-week block of time, or it can be interspersed throughout the school year. The flexibility of literature circles makes it an asset to any reading program.

Here's how literature circles work. Students meet in small groups to share ideas, ask questions, clarify ambiguities, and evaluate self-selected literature. In self-directed discussions, students go beyond the literal interpretation and begin to focus on higher levels of thinking and comprehension, such as interaction of literary elements, theme, and making personal and literary connections. Students are actively involved with the stories and poems in their literature circles through margin notes, sticky notes, and journal responses, reflecting on topics they want to discuss in their groups.

Literature Circles includes recommended reading lists for poetry, short stories, and novels as well as background information for the teacher, rules, procedures, timelines, evaluation criteria and ready-to-use student worksheets. So if you're looking for ways to make your reading program more exciting and meaningful to students at all levels, then Literature Circles is the book for you!

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