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  • Dr. Maggie's Phonics Resource Guide
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Dr. Maggie's Phonics Resource Guide

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  • ISBN: 978-1-57471-530-9
  • Grade: PreK - 1
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Lesson Plans and Teaching Strategies for Phonics Instruction

This invaluable companion to the Dr. Maggie's Phonics Readers series includes detailed background information regarding phonics instruction; a collection of comprehensive activities for each reader that take children into, through, and beyond the stories and their skills; and a collection of reproducibles to complement your instruction and reduce your preparation and planning time. Among the guide's reproducibles are 24 chants that help children prepare for each reader by introducing the story's vocabulary in a rhythmic, memorable poem. In combination with the phonics readers, this guide completes an outstanding phonics program or can be used as a supplement to existing curriculum!

Dr. Maggie's Phonics Resource Guide

Dr. Maggie's Phonics Readers: A New View is a series of 24 stories rooted in current, cutting-edge phonics research. Features that make the series practical, innovative, and effective include:

  • high-interest stories that kids will want to read over and over.
  • fun illustration styles that make the books a welcome addition to any library.
  • fundamental phonics skills in a storybook context
  • a progression of skills that build from book to book so children can read while they learn about letters, sounds, and words, rather than only after they learn all these concepts

Designed to complement the 24-book Dr. Maggie's Phonics Readers series, this comprehensive resource guide offers a valuable array of tools and ideas for implementing an effective phonics-based literacy program, including the following features:

  • A complete lesson plan for each reader, including detailed coverage of the skills taught and reinforced throughout the entire series of readers.
  • Assessment tools for gauging children's phonics knowledge, phonemic awareness, letter recognition skills, and sight-word recognition skills.
  • Reproducibles that supplement the activities and reduce your preparation time.
  • Original rhythmic chants to introduce that focus skills and vocabulary of each story. These chants can be reproduced for overhead projector display or so students can have their own copies.
  • Classroom-tested, skill-oriented activities that make sure students learn and remember concepts, while engaging their interest and motivating them to participate.
Author Margaret Allen, Ph.D.
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