• American History Reader's Theater
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American History Reader's Theater

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Develop Reading Fluency and Text Comprehension Skills

This series of Reader's Theater books provides high-interest scripts featuring everything from amusing fables and fairy tales to inspiring inventors and historical heroes. Each script comes with explicit fluency instruction, a list of key vocabulary, and engaging comprehension activities. Each book describes in simple terms how to direct instruction and coach students as they practice their lines. Each unit can stand alone as fluency instruction or tie in to a related content-area unit.

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Reader's Theater is an exciting way to help students improve reading fluency without being too time intensive for the teacher. It requires no props and no additional teaching skills on your part, and it is not difficult to manage. Reader's Theater promotes better reading comprehension because students who have learned to read a passage expressively also come to better understand its meaning.

American History Reader's Theater provides hours of fluency practice that is grounded in the familiar format of American history and features characters students know and may even admire. The scripts and activities in this resource address standards in reading, speaking, and listening while providing a fun environment for everyone involved. When students practice their lines, they read and reread the same passages. Under your direction, they gradually add more expression, read more smoothly and find any subtle meaning in the passages. American History Reader's Theater also meets the goals of the No Child Left Behind Act through direct instruction in three of five key elements of reading instruction: reading fluency, text comprehension, and vocabulary development.

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