• Advantage Reading, Gr. 6
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Advantage Reading, Gr. 6

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High-Interest 6th Grade Skill Building for Home and School!

A wide range of activities that focus on essential grade-level reading skills and strategies. These activities are shaped and influenced by current research findings in literacy instruction. Great for ESL/ELL! Each skill featured in the book includes an instruction section that teaches and/or refreshes the skill. So there's no pressure on parents to remember how to do it!

Each activity book is divided into 5 units with reading selections in each unit that all center around a common theme. Each unit features the following skill strands:

  • phonemic awareness
  • phonics/structural word analysis
  • vocabulary
  • fluency
  • comprehension

This series addresses each of these essential components while offering students opportunities to read and interact with a variety of reading genres, including both fiction and nonfiction.

Skill Review and Reinforcement
If you choose a grade-level book equal to the grade your child is currently in or has just finished, use the book to:

  • reinforce skills being taught in the classroom throughout the year
  • keep your child's skills fresh over the summer

Extra Challenge and Enrichment
If you choose a grade level book beyond the grade your child is currently in or has just finished, use the book to:

  • provide enrichment and an extra challenge during the school year
  • give your child a summer preview of what's to come in school next year

Whether you use this resource for your child to practice familiar skills or to learn new ones, the extra advantage will make a difference!

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