• Multiplication and Division Stick Kids Workbook, Grade 3
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Multiplication and Division Stick Kids Workbook, Grade 3

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Multiplication and division are relatively new operations for third graders. Children need many experiences grouping and separating objects to understand the meaning of these two operations. They also need to see and use number facts (such as 3 × 5 and 12 ÷ 4) in a variety of contexts, such as in describing sets of objects or pictures, or solving word problems, in order to achieve mastery. Research has shown that repetition is essential for the brain to learn and recall information. This book provides repeated practice with fun, motivating activities that will help your child develop the skills and confidence that lead to success!

Upon your child’s completion of each activity, use the provided incentive chart and stickers to track progress and celebrate your child’s success.

Whether students need extra practice with grade-level skills or a head start on next year, Stick Kids® Workbooks offer engaging activities, games, and puzzles that help make learning lots of fun. Each 56-page book features full-color activities, a list of the skills, and an explanation of why those skills are important for development. Also included are helpful tips, an answer key, a handy tracking sheet, stickers for acknowledging achievements, and appearances by the lovable Stick Kids!

These right-sized (7” x 9”) skill practice workbooks are perfect for use at school, or as entertaining activities on the go. Tuck them into a backpack, purse, or travel bag. Great for school breaks, vacations, and year-long practice.


  • Recognition of multiplication and division models
  • Multiplication facts
  • Division facts
  • Fact families


  • Use items in the home to model multiplication or division. For example, look in a recipe book together and ask something like, “If this cake recipe uses 3 eggs, how many eggs will I need for 4 cakes?”
  • Encourage your child to memorize four facts at a time. Have your child write the facts on index cards and keep the cards in a handy place. Then every so often, ask one of the facts (such as “What is 4 × 5?”). If your child can respond quickly and easily, you know that he or she has memorized the fact. Let your child put stickers on the facts that have been mastered, and keep the card in a special box or bag.
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