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Shark Frenzy: Can you safely feed the sharks?

Shark Frenzy: Can you safely feed the sharks?

If you are you looking for a Shark Week themed STEAM activity, our 3rd Grade STEAM Design Challenges Resource Book has the perfect lesson.

We are all fascinated by the creatures in the ocean and what better way to experience them safely than in an aquarium? Shark Frenzy is a STEAM design  challenge that encourages students to think of how they can feed the sharks in the tank from a safe distance.

This lesson begins with student teams learning that they have just been hired by the local aquarium to design a device for the safe feeding of the sharks in their new shark tank.

There is one big problem, the tank goes almost all the way to the ceiling and the only way to get the food in the tank is to... be creative! The students are provided with a list of materials that they may choose from however there is one small struggle, the budget! The student teams must design and create their prototype while staying within the budget that the aquarium has provided to each team. Once the teams build their prototype, they are encouraged to test their device to see if it meets the requirements of distance.

The images below show how students were being creative in order to meet the STEAM Design Challenge


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