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Figuratively Speaking

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Figuratively Speaking
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  • Grade Level: 5 - 8
  • Page Count: 136
  • Author: Delana Heindrich
  • Item #: LW-1020
  • UPC: 040409010200
  • ISBN: 978-0-88160-317-0

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Product Description

Using Classic Literature to Teach 40 Literary Terms

This resource book draws on classic literature to illustrate the use of 40 basic literary terms. Divided into sections on figurative language, poetic language, and literary techniques, the book covers hyperbole, metaphor, irony, imagery, dialect, plot, alliteration, onomatopoeia, allusion, conflict, and lots more! The first page of each lesson includes a definition of the term and one or more samples from grade-appropriate classic literature. The next two pages challenge students to identify and understand the term and to use it on their own.


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