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Grades K – 8

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Download any of these activities for extra practice or to help your struggling student.


Math Minute #5 From 2583 First-Grade Math Minutes
Math Minute #10 From 2584 Second-Grade Math Minutes
Math Minute #15 From 2585 Third-Grade Math Minutes
Math Minute #20 From 2586 Fourth-Grade Math Minutes
Math Minute #25 From 2587 Fifth-Grade Math Minutes
Math Minute #30 From 2634 Sixth-Grade Math Minutes
Math Minute #35 From 2635 Seventh-Grade Math Minutes
Math Minute #40 From 2636 Eighth-Grade Math Minutes
Math Minute #45 From 2595 Middle-Grade Math Minutes
Shapes From 6736 Ultimate Advantage Math, Grade K
Facts to 5 From 6737 Ultimate Advantage Math, Grade 1
Fact Families From 6738 Ultimate Advantage Math, Grade 2
Place Values From 8104 Advantage Math, Grade 4
Estimate Decimal Sums and Differences From 8105 Advantage Math, Grade 5
Adding Whole Numbers From 8106 Advantage Math, Grade 6
Finding Percents From 8133 Advantage Math, Grade 7
Order of Operations From 8134 Advantage Math, Grade 8


Singular Nouns From 8139-EB Advantage Grammar, Grade 3 eBook
Writing Good Sentences From 8140-EB Advantage Grammar, Grade 4 eBook
Spelling Word Endings From 8141-EB Advantage Grammar, Grade 5 eBook
Punctuating Titles From 8142-EB Advantage Grammar, Grade 6 eBook
Transitional Words and Phrases From 8143-EB Advantage Grammar, Grade 7 eBook
Using Apostrophes From 8144-EB Advantage Grammar, Grade 8 eBook
Grammar Minute #50 From 6119 Grammar Minutes, Grade 1
Grammar Minute #55 From 6120 Grammar Minutes, Grade 2
Grammar Minute #60 From 6121 Grammar Minutes, Grade 3
Grammar Minute #65 From 6122 Grammar Minutes, Grade 4
Grammar Minute #70 From 6123 Grammar Minutes, Grade 5
Grammar Minute #75 From 6124 Grammar Minutes, Grade 6


Numbers From 8107-EB Advantage Phonics, Grade K eBook
Rhyming Words From 6728 Ultimate Advantage Phonics, Grade K
Beginning "k" From 8108-EB Advantage Phonics, Grade 1 eBook
Ending Sounds From 6729 Ultimate Advantage Phonics, Grade 1
Short "a" & Long "a" From 8109-EB Advantage Phonics, Grade 2 eBook
Long "e" Sound From 6730 Ultimate Advantage Phonics, Grade 2
Silent Consonants From 8110-EB Advantage Phonics, Grade 3 eBook
Suffixes From 6731 Ultimate Advantage Phonics, Grade 3


Initial Consonant Dd From 6732 Ultimate Advantage Reading, Grade K
Beginning Sounds From 6733 Ultimate Advantage Reading, Grade 1
Critical Thinking From 6734 Ultimate Advantage Reading, Grade 2
Frequently Misspelled Words From 6735 Ultimate Advantage Reading, Grade 3
Word Building From 8115 Advantage Reading, Grade 4
Reading Comprehension From 8116 Advantage Reading, Grade 5
Reading with Expression From 8117 Advantage Reading, Grade 6
Charts From 8135 Advantage Reading, Grade 7
Frequently Misused Words From 8136 Advantage Reading, Grade 8

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