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A collection of CTP's best-selling Learn to Read readers have been turned into charming enhanced eBooks available through the iBookstore.

  • Word-by-word highlighting with synched narration
  • Animation
  • Tips for reading with kids
  • Interactive echo chant

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Interactive Readers

Learning to read just got more fun! Eight titles from the popular Learn to Read series have been turned into Interactive Readers. Download them to a computer or use them on an interactive white board.

Learn to Read Interactive Readers feature:

  • Listen and Read To options with text highlighting and support for unknown words
  • Record and Play option allowing the child to record him/herself reading the story and play it back
  • Four interactive activities/games directly related to each story to extend learning

CSI Chapters

CSI Chapters Interactive eBooks are 25 high-interest, short chapter books. Use these books to teach comprehension straegies, vocabulary, fluency, and writing. Great for Grades 3-5+ and ages 8-11+.

CSI Chapters Interactive eBooks feature:

  • Video clips
  • Pop-up glossaries
  • Easy navigation and built-in annotation tools
  • Printable teacher support notes

Great for use on an interactive whiteboard!

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Learning Games

Games Galore Interactive Learning Games, Grades K-3

Engage children with downloadable games designed to reinforce essential standards-based language arts and math skills in a fun, innovative way.

Interactive Learning Games feature:

  • 10 interactive games and 10 corresponding activities from the popular Games Galore series.
  • Capability to highlight text, print activities and game cards, and enter text directly onto the pages
  • A blank game template that can be printed out and reproduced so students and teachers can create their own games.

Interactive Handwriting

interactive handwriting - creative teaching press
Interactive Handwriting Instruction

Use these digital resources on an interactive whiteboard to illustrate correct letter and number formation while moving freely about the classroom to assist and evaluate student progress. The handwriting software models letter formation for upper and lower case letters and number formation with and without lines.

Students can watch the demonstration then practice on the whiteboard. Includes printable practice pages and teachers notes.

Cursive Modern Manuscript Traditional Manuscript

Open eBooks

Example of an Open eBook

Open eBooks are unlocked PDFs of CTP's Teacher Resource Books.

Benefits of an Open eBook:

  • Use the Typewriter Tool in Adobe Acrobat Reader to type directly onto the page.
  • Copy and paste text and certain images.
  • Add your own questions, pictures, or examples.
  • Save the PDF and have a truly custom lesson for years to come.
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